Sunday, May 31, 2009

d1 miami

so i went down to hallandale yesterday for d1 miami without high expectations or hopes. boy were my low expectations filled. this event isn't even a shadow of its former self.

lets talk about the venue first.
Gulfstream Park is a horse racing track.
they have massive parking lots.
but for some reason, they had a police car at the entrance to the lot closest to the actual event, telling everyone they had to park on the other side of the venue, almost 1/3 mile away! but then you could walk thru and that lot was less than 1/4 full. gay.
the cop eventually left (must've been time for a bacon break) and we parked much closer after lunch.

the "car show" and vendors were a joke. there were maybe 4-5 vendor booths, and one of them was for a mobile/cell phone company. spec clutch was the only brand i recognized, and the "stunt" bike guys had their own booth. there were about 15-20 show cars on display, with a mix of honda, nissan, mbz, mitsu and scion. the nsx with a do-luck kit (i think?) and forced induction was wicked. the s14/porsche cup car with a 2jz was poorly conceived at best.

alex (roidmonkey) had his car there, and it looks even more amazing now with the new wheels, but since it deserves its own section, i'll leave that for later.

rain is lame. 60% chance of showers was the forecast for the day, and they were right.
it poured on us for a bit, but in typical florida fashion, 10 minutes later it was sticky and humid again.

i won't go into details about who beat who in what round, i actually had to leave during top 8 to go to work, but i will say that the finnish drivers were impressive, and that i was bummed forrest wang broke an axle. i was looking forward to watching him more than any of the other cars.

there were some wimmins there. miami heat girls came out, and are clearly hired for their looks, not their dancing abilities. bikini contest was weak as shit. the only redeeming parts were the chick in the green, who had some top notch bolt ons, and the other chick in the leopard print.

by far the best part of the day was getting to hang out with the guys from orlando. top notch heckling and a good time was had by all. the announcer is still a massive tool. no knowledge of drifting, and still doesn't know what the difference between a soarer and a "sawyer" is. he loves talking about how good one guy is "sucking up on" another tho.

there were a few cool cars in the lots, like an r35, new genesis coupe, and a vip q45, but mostly alot of poor fitment and halfassed cars.

some pixors.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

quick snap

having a night off with nothing to do sucks.
hafta stay up all night cuz i work graveyards.
so i went for a drive to kill time till dawn.
one of the 300+ pix i took.

Friday, May 15, 2009

quick snap

new wheels arrived a few days ago. my brother sent me this pic. wish i was home in cali so i could get tires mounted and rock em!

18x9.5 front +27
18x10.5 rears +30
time to dust off the fender roller. i have overs for the rear but i dunno if i wanna go that route just get when i can stuff 10.5 under stock with just a pull.
maybe its time to throw on the project kics 30mm bolt ons in the rear.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

i love ups

ups brings me goodies.
at home, the ups man is on a first name basis with my brother cuz all i do when i'm on the road for work is order crap.
today they brought me: 350z track rotors from (slotted and 12.75") and oem nissan window visors courtesy of travis @ 88 rotors and eddie @ performance nissan, respectively. so i threw the new rotors on with punk adapter brackets, and then i got lazy and tomorrow i'll put the window visors on.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

bought more crap

ran down to hallendale yesterday to pick up some origin 50mm rear overfenders and a supermade spoiler from Alex (roidmonkey on zilvia). super cool guy, and incredible car.

the pix he has on zilvia of his car don't near do it justice.
its easily top 10 best looking s13s i've ever seen or seen pix of.

these are the fenders and spoiler (on his car still)

and some pix of his car from either yesterday or zilvia

Monday, May 4, 2009

d1 anahiem superfail?

In response to the overwhelming amount of negative feelings about the poor organization and extreme lack of consideration for the attendees at the anahiem "D1" event, I've suggested that everyone who went send at least one email to the organizers to let them know exactly what was wrong, and what we would like to see done differently in the future.

From hour long lines, to $5 12oz cans of soda (no joke), to Gumball cars and "stunt" bikes, the event was rife with problems that not only disappointed alot of fans, but discouraged alot of people from ever considering attending another D1 event.

"Dub1", as many people are calling it, was clearly just HIN paying D1 to let them use the name for their event. Horrible idea. Holding a dub car show, with "stunt" bikes, and a Gumball parade would be like going to an NFL football game and them having the local high school chess club getting a parade at halftime. Clearly, the people who went to this event went there to SEE DRIFTING!!!!! Not donks, or dub cars, or stunt bikes, or go-karts, or anything else.

So please, email both the D1 organization, and HIN and let them know how lame this event was, and what you expect from them in return for your hard earned money.

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