Monday, June 29, 2009

amazing creation

i was in santa barbara at live oak music festival last sunday for fathers day and we saw this creation. made out of pvc pipe and bike parts, with a wire dragonfly on top.
i want. can't be more than a couple hundred bucks worth of parts.

pix from across the country

so i had to fly back to florida and pick up my other car on monday of this week.
always a good excuse to hang out with ashly and go to koume sushi!
both of which are always fantastic!
this is a tempura apple. freaking unreal. comes with green tea ice cream, fresh grapes and a strawberry, all sprinkled with powdered sugar.

while driving across louisiana i came up behind this truck, loaded down with win!

in texas my odometer rolled over all ones

then in west texas i saw this coming up behind me!!!

its a freakin nissan xtrail. like a smaller xterra, iirc they come with an sr20ve.
this one had mexican plates and the dudes in it looked way freaked out that i was taking pix of them.

Saturday, June 6, 2009


i've been itching for months to get home so i could throw this on.
got home late thursday night and this was one of the first things i did on friday.
goddam it completely sets the front end off. now i just need either the jdm fogs or the turn signal extensions. suggestions?

i already have skirts and a rear to go with it, i'll post more pix once i get em on. hopefully by monday.

stickers are here!!!

my stickers finally arrived from andrew bohan at laboratory 17 and they look way fresh.
you can have one too. (P.S. The white part is just the backing paper. the actual sticker is all black)
$4.00 for the first one shipped.
$3.50 for each one after that
paypal and lmk where you want it sent.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

travel time- day 1

Yesterday was a mess. I ran around all morning trying to get all of my errands done before leaving town. Coming back from the dmv this guy pulled up next to me. Its the 5th r35 i've seen in florida, 3 of which were in port st lucie. seems like a really wierd place to find such a rare supercar.

Drove 8 million miles, got way sunburned on my left side, then stopped in Valdosta, Ga for lunch. I've always wanted to go there, but never knew why. Cool looking downtown area, even though it seems like everything shuts down at 5pm. had the best chicken salad sandwich tho.

made it to a hotel in woodstock, ga for the night. Man it felt good to take a shower.

leaving in a few minutes for deals gap and the tail of the dragon! many many pix of that will be up after i get done there.