Thursday, December 17, 2009

smash your cobra? you are NOT down

so this guy in a suuuuuper clean cobra kit car leaves the csi las vegas set we're all on, followed by a BRAND fucking new gt3 rs porsche, they pull out onto the street next to the set and both gun it and a half second later, screech crunch BANG then something goes flying (later determined to be the streetlight and the cobras hood). left turn + cold tires + mash throttle = snap oversteer, then lift off throttle = grip and shoot you onto the curb and into a phone pole. MASSIVE FAIL!
all the extras ran over, the driver was out of the car panicking because his wife or mother who is sitting shotgun has smashed her head into the dash and is bleeding all over.

cops come, car is towed, we resume filming.
sorry for the crap photo, iphone camera is fail.
the phone pole used to be straight up and down.

Monday, December 7, 2009

te's make EVERYTHING look good

baller in a fj cruiser?
parked outside of ebisu market on brookhurst.