Sunday, October 18, 2015


My good friend Ernie wrecked his Y33 sedan at All Star Bash yesterday, getting buck wild coming through the water tower section at Horse Thief Mile. While most people would be pretty salty about it, some would even yell or curse of freak out, he merely smiles, and knows that the important things are that everyone is safe and ok, the bash bar and cage built by GSWerks did their jobs, the chassis is straight and all that got damaged were a wheel, a rotor, and some suspension arms. I admire this dude greatly and i'm happy to know he's my friend.

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Together at last.

There is no argument that the ChairSlayer has accomplished some incredible things. He has engineered one wild monster out of his s13, and i'm amazed that someone can pilot a drift car using only hand controls. Nonetheless, he continues to take shit to the next level. While some of us are content dragging rear bumpers along outside clipping points, he drags motherfucking TIRE on outside clipping points.

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Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Let us discuss

Let us discuss for just a moment, how fucking good this car looks.
Max from GOLDSTAR, just a few cm from the wall.

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Monday, October 5, 2015

So Shady. So Nasty

Shadynasty. SHA-DYNASTY. I've been corrected multiple times, but i still find it amusing to think of these dudes as Shady Nasty. It can't be helped. They are easily one of my favorite drift teams. They show up ready to have fun, always willing to help other guys sort out issues, and their cars are as unique as you can imagine, without being desparate for attention or gimmicky. They follow no trends or fads, and their skills are nothing short of impressive. Watching a 40+yr old chassis lay down smooth runs, all while the soundtrack of a ITB 3sge BEAMS engine wails at you is enough to turn even me into a fanboy.

(This one is hi-res so if you wanna make it a wallpaper, be my guest)

Slightly Less Salty

The more i'm going through these images, the less irritated i am about the photos and videos that i lost, and the more i'm kinda stoked on the ones i do have.

Leigh is an insane follow driver, and Ilia is my favorite cowboy.

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Sunday, October 4, 2015


I've been pretty salty since i got back from FinalBout II and found out that my hard drive with 90% of all the photo and video i took is nothing more than a paperweight. Luckily i hadn't uploaded the last days photos, so i do have a couple shots that were saved. Leigh Roto's MKIII supra is pretty rough these days, but if you saw the way he follows, you can't really fault him.  
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