Wednesday, April 29, 2009

4 minute motor swap

4 minute 4age swap.
Tons of ppl have seen this video, still alot of em don't know it was me in it.
(i dunno why the sound doesn't work at the end, but i did actually fire it up)

ken and mary skyline sighting in costa mesa

This is actually about 1.5 years old, but I always thought it was funny.
I met Lorenz and his beautiful 1974 skyline on Harbor Blvd in Costa Mesa.
At Foster's Freeze/El Pollo Loco.
I was driving north and he was heading south when we passed. I saw him turn right in my rearview so I flipped a bitch and headed back and found him sitting in the drive thru, leaning hard over to reach the window and get his food! (Rhd cars + u.s. drive thru = no good).

He was super cool and let me snap some photos. We chatted for a bit and then went our separate ways. I've run into him a few times since.

GTR sighting!

Last month (march) while I was staying in Homestead, Fl for the outage at Turkey Point NPG I was out running errands and stopped in a little plaza to drop off some outgoing mail. I spotted this as I was leaving so I hadta stop and snap a few. (sry for the crap blackberry pix!)

Gweed's Gangsters Classic Car Show

So I stumbled upon this meet entirely by accident. I went to a movie at the Treasure Coast Mall, and for some reason when I was leaving, decided to go around the back of the mall. Thats when I struck paydirt!

Held every tuesday for the past 12 years, Gweed's Gangsters Classic Car Meet is pure gold.
Just a parking lot, folding chairs, and gear heads.

Cars varied from 60's-70's muscle, to 30's-40's and even a '72 vw bug!
They looked at me funny when i rolled up in an s13.4 on 17x10's but quickly understood that I shared their passion for grease and gears and burning rubber.

I was kinda bummed out, however, cuz it was only 5pm and ppl said "most ppl don't show up till about 7-8", and I work 7pm-5am.
I may hafta ditch work next week.

The standout of the evening was a socal-speed built '31 Ford.
Excellent styling imo, and the owner (Mike iirc) said it was an all steel body! No fiberglass kit car here!

I'm sure I'll be back again next week and I'll for sure stay later too!!!

Welcome to outsliders and smoke produce.

Welcome to my blog!
I will be posting car related nonsense from my travels through the u.s.a.
And eventually when I get up off my ass, will have t-shirts, stickers, and other junk available.
I've been saying for about 2 years that i'd get stuff made soon, hopefully having a blog will force my hand.