Wednesday, October 21, 2009

kk the reveal

since theres only about 8 ppl who follow this ish...
concept car enkeis from an aeroso gigliato.
geneva car show 1997.
as far as i've researched there were only 3-5 sets made of this wheel.
i gots one set.


after being in the northeast for almost 5 weeks and only seeing 3 modified cars (one is a dodge cirrus, one is a focus 2dr, and finally tonight, in boston, i saw a decent z33) i really regret leaving my modified car at home. i was paranoid about having to deal with snow, but clearly that hasn't been an issue.....

some risky ish

US air Risky Devil preview from Tim Tulov on Vimeo.

where do i know you from?

of course....

at this point i can't update this ish, so i'm just gonna bite shit from matej's and risky and bh and whatever else i find amusing and car life or whatever....

TML2- The Breakdown official trailer from Brett on Vimeo.