Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Ego stroking.

Last weekend was All Star Bash (ASB). 
Normally ASB is a very grassroots event, filled with stylish cars, and drivers out just to have fun.
This year, I feel that it has transformed into no longer being a grassroots event. There were far too many 18wheeler trailers and v8  Formula D pro level and pro-am cars to be considered grassroots.
My opinion is that AMERICAN "drifting" is now more closely aligned with monster trucks than the elegant dance it once began as. 


The event is still fun, Charlie and the JustDrift staff put together a great time, and its always a blast to get to drift STREETS. I met some awesome people this year, and got to spend time with many of my really close friends.

So........ Since the event has been much more thoroughly covered on speedhunters, wrecked, amdrift, and so on, I'm just going to skip to the really important parts.

Pix of my car. 
(I'm glad the color of the car doesn't really show just how dirty it was!!! Go off track just once or twice and you'll be cleaning half the desert out of your interior!)

Sunday, May 19, 2013

USAir with Risky Devil x Junkhouse 4/28/13 (ON TRACK ACTION)

Now for the goodness.
Skid racing.
USAir has a fantastic layout with some very interesting elevation changes. The beginners section was pretty basic, so we won't go into it, but the advance section starts down hill, slight curve right and then the first corner is up over a crest and completely blind after that. Takes some stones to even get started. Most of the drivers appeared to be comfortable with it.
SC-chassis lexus gettin down
Josh, breaking into it.
Bagged BRZ defying convention

Its really hard not to love the way an is300 looks sliding sideways.
Country boys and girls gettin down on the farm

Hot looking s13.5 on 19s
even with an LS and super negative camber he was having trouble linking smoothly.
Touge Factory 6666 Rocket Bunny s13 coupe
T2 was gettin deep in it.
Risky Train
These things just look so fun on a track. AJ and Josh.

Case in point.

USAir with Risky Devil x Junkhouse 4/28/13 (Pit Walk)

So I've been in Chicago for a month now, working. Nothing exciting much happens when you're putting in 70-80+ hours a week on night shift, but the one opportunity I had was an unexpected sunday off, which meant a chance to take the 4.5 hour drive up to Shawano, WI, home of USAir Raceway. Josh from Risky Devil had keyed me in that they were having an open drift day and I just had to see it for myself. The drive is boring, I get lost often (for this I blame Apple maps) and there were a few road closures to deal with, but I did make it up in time to see the majority of the days
action. The scenery around the area is quite a change from what I'm used to in SoCal. I'm used to balcony and streets of willow, where the backdrop is dirt and rocks and rocks and dirt.

The weather was perfect. Mild, light breeze, sunny.
So heres some photos.

Josh's new BRZ. Looking nice on some advans and works. 
Ikeya Formula? Rare to see this!!! Koguchi Style!!!

Glad I'm not victor.
Air'd out.
The local LS-swap club.
Infamous Touge Factory 6666 Rocket Bunny s13 Coupe
Tim Tulov sneakin into the frame
 Risky Devil. Legendary street runners
Fuck Junkhouse?

Chicago likes to put nissan engines in E30 chassis.
Sex Pile
Nismos. Hot Fiyah.
Gorgeous FC with excellent wheel selection
Paint had a beautiful pearl to it as well.

Tuh-tuh-tuckin 19s.