Sunday, November 1, 2015

626 Halloween Balcony Skids

So if you're into drifting, and live in the greater SoCal region, you should know 626Drift. These guys have been hosting events for a solid decade, supporting drifting and providing a venue for legions of drivers to learn and progress from beginner to intermediate and on up from there. This weekend was no different, and the Balcony section at Willow Springs Intl. Raceway was again the spot to be to watch skids, go for car rides, and get covered in tire smoke and gasoline fumes. These small events are some of my favorite, due to the mellow atmosphere, and large number of my friends who consistently attend. Its been a few weeks since the AutoFactoryREALIZE dudes got back from their mission to Shawano, WI to attend FinalBout, and it looks like they're ready to start stretching their legs again. Meanwhile, Kam from SNEEKY KIDS has finally got his Corolla to drift-ready condition, and this car screams with presence and style.

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