Monday, September 11, 2017

The insanity of it all.

While so much of the focus at FinalBout is on the Advanced course and running full tilt along the k-rail wall, so much incredible driving goes down on the Intermediate course. Long and flowing, it is the perfect setting for stacking cars up, and the perfect backdrop in which to frame them. In the past, the brilliance of Julian and Ryan from ANIMAL STYLE had almost overshadowed Baby J (Jason Bostrom), this weekend was his time to shine. He took full advantage of the Zestino Tyres and was hunting down doors without a second of hesitation. Run after run, he, Simba, and Chob (both from the Chicago drift team PROCEED) were making the Intermediate course center stage. Chob pilots a small island of a Lexus GS sedan, turning rubber into haze with over 500whp on tap (298LWHP) and Simba's s13 coupe with a refreshed SR20 setup blew through the weekend without a hiccup.

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