Monday, February 19, 2018

Fortune and Glory in the form of two R33 GTR-LM

Its just under a month since I landed back at LAX from ten days in Japan. I've barely managed to glance at the photos and video of the trip, but one of the highlights by far was our time spent at the Nissan Heritage Museum, located at Nissan's Zama facility. The warehouse holds nothing short of an absolute treasure in the form of dozens of Nissan and Datsun race cars, prototypes and homologation specials, as well as flawless examples of most of the cars sold under those two brands, dating back decades.

I'll get round to making my way through everything at some point, but for now, get some.

R33 GTR-LM racing edition, along side the R33 GTR-LM Road Car. Per FIA rules at the time, if you submit a car for race purposes, you must have that specific model/edition available for sale to the public. Normally a scant few production versions would be produced, my understanding is this road going version is 1 of 1, enough to satisfy the FIA criteria. The massive arches simply dwarf the 18" NISMO racing wheels, and even though it is badged at a GTR, the LM was converted to RWD.

Please click on image for full size.

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